Loutraki ≈ from  Loutro(n) (Greek: Λουτρό(ν) = bath, bath-house, spa or thermae Just 80 km from Athens, Loutraki boasts a glorious history as the most famous spa-town in antiquity. Enjoying the therapeutic benefits of the natural thermal springs and mineral water in the area isn’t the only reason to love Loutraki , as it’s blessed with an abundance of attractions and little gems of discoveries.

Visiting the Heraion of Perachora, the sanctuary of the Godess Hera built in 800 B.C., is a unique experience, both for its magnificent location and the great archaeological significance of the site. Or you could go on a pilgrimage to the Osios Patapios Monastery: A holy convent built in the 11th century, just 10 km from Loutraki on the Geraneia mountain. Or if you are a nature lover, you can visit the Vouliagmeni lagoon, surrounded by a pine-tree forest or hike in the mountain, or just soak up the sun and do as little as possible: our 3.5 km stretch of small-pebble beach features crystal-clear waters, awarded yearly with the Blue Flag!

Loutraki is famous for an array of flavours, including Gastronomy: There are many quaint little tavernas or more sophisticated restaurants that are sure to satisfy your taste buds. And if you want to get moving, there are many activities to choose from, like mountain biking, tennis, bungee jumping, trekking, sightseeing – Just tell us what you’d like to do and we’d love to help. Whether you want to lay on the beach all day, or indulge in the renowned, super modern, rejuvenating thermal spa, or even play in the Casino, what is certain is that you will have an unforgettable time, worthy of a second visit.